2023 Envirothon Dates:

High School Competition: 4/28/23

Middle School Competition: 5/15/23

2022 First Place Team, High School
2022 First Place Team, High School
2022 First Place Team, Middle School
2022 First Place Team, Middle School

What is the Envirothon?

The Envirothon is a fun, academic challenge event that teaches students practical knowledge and application of environmental topics. It is the only one in the nation that challenges students to think critically about the natural world and their role in it.

At the day-long Envirothon, students compete using their knowledge Aquatics, Wildlife, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, and a Current Issue.

As a team, students will develop creative solutions to environmental problems. They may be asked to measure a tree, identify soil characteristics, list functions of a wetland, or distinguish the call of a bird. Team answers are evaluated by practicing environmental professionals. The team that scores the greatest number of points wins the county competition and moves on to the Pennsylvania Envirothon. The best team in each state then competes with the winning teams from Canada in a North American competition known as the Canon Envirothon. In the middle school event, the winning middle school team does not move onto a state competition; however, the academic lessons and self-confidence the students gain make this event worthwhile.

By participating in the Envirothon program, students develop study skills, practice effective teamwork, and learn natural resource management and ecology. They also are exposed to a range of disciplines and potential career paths while committing to environmental stewardship.

Getting Started:

  1. A teacher or advisor needs to put together a team of five students in grades 9-12 (High School) or 6-8 (Middle School). Team members do not have to be in the same grade.
  2. Contact the Berks County Conservation District to register your team with the following information:
    • Teacher/Adivsor Name
    • School/Organization
    • Number of teams you are bringing (unlimited)
  3. The Berks County Conservation District will give you a teacher/leader’s guide and learning materials. Middle school advisors will receive a CD containing all the study material necessary to succeed in the competition.
  4. Now it’s all up to you and your team - you study the material at your own pace! We encourage you to ask questions or request assistance from the Berks County Conservation District.
  5. On the scheduled date of the Envirothon, your team will go through a series of subject tests at Nolde State Forest under the guidance of the Berks County Conservation District and partnering agencies.

For more information about the Pennsylvania State Competition, please visit the Pennsylvania Envirothon Website

Envirothon questions can be directed to the Envirothon Coordinator at 610-372-4657.

Berks County Conservation District 1238 County Welfare Road, Suite 200, Leesport, PA 19533  •  610-372-4657

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