Don Hartman Scholarship Program

Don Hartman was a machinist by trade, but his passion was with turtles and he became a self-proclaimed herpetologist. Known as the “turtle man”, Hartman could identify every turtle native to Berks County. His fascination for turtles led him to volunteer at Nolde Forest to teach students and visitors about turtles and the environments in which they live. To further his conservation interests, Hartman became an Associate Director for the Berks County Conservation District (BCCD) Board of Directors. To honor Hartman’s legacy in conservation the BCCD created the “Don Hartman Leadership School” to teach students about conservation.

BCCD is offering this scholarship opportunity for local high school students to attend an environmental camp of their choosing. For more information, click the application link below.

Don Hartman Scholarship Application

Berks County Conservation District 1238 County Welfare Road, Suite 200, Leesport, PA 19533  •  610-372-4657

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