Water Encroachment

Chapter 105 Water Encroachment Permits

Streams, floodways, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and other bodies of water are essential habitats for wildlife, improve water quality of our stormwater runoff, and help to reduce flooding. As a result, activities in or near these features are regulated by state and federal laws. In general, disturbance activities in them typically require a permit. Permitted activities include, but are not limited to flood attenuation, channeling, piping, bridging, relocation, floodway encroachment, and wetland disturbances.


The BCCD is delegated to review Chapter 105 General Permit numbers 1 through 9. For more information about Chapter 105 General Permits, you can visit DEP’s website here and here, or our site here.




Explore PaDEP’s webpage with instructional videos to assist Applicants and Consultants in registering for Chapter 105 e-Permitting.

Applicants/owners utilize this video to assist in registering as an Electronic Filing Adminstrator (EFA).

Employees who are not the EFA (i.e. consultants or other users needing to register for their client) may utilize this video to assist in registering for e-Permitting.

Pond Information

General Information on building and maintaining a pond and what permits are needed for these activities can be found here. Disturbances in and around ponds are reviewed by the Department of Environmental Protection on a case-by-case basis.

Regional Staff Boundaries

Should you wish to contact the BCCD to discuss concerns about water encroachments, permitting, or Chapter 105 compliance, contact Jason Rickards or Thomas Forsythe at (610) 372-4657.


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