Paint the Rain: Rain Barrel Contest

Our Current Competition is now underway!

The “Paint the Rain” rain barrel decorating contest is a contest for high schools throughout Berks County (public, private, charter, home school, etc.) to artistically paint Berks County Conservation District (BCCD) rain barrels. The Berks County Conservation District provided each participating class or school club with one rain barrel, a gift card for $25 (to help with the cost of painting supplies), and an in-classroom presentation/technical support visit from the Berks County Conservation District to explain the purpose of water conservation and source water protection. This year’s theme is “Healthy Soils, Healthy Life.”

First, second, and third place teams will each get a gift card for their team, class, and/or school and a certificate of recognition from the Berks County Commissioners.

 Paint the Rain Barrels

For the 2019 contest, 7 barrels were painted by different participating schools. The barrels were on display at the Berks County Agriculture Center for the months of April and May.


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Logo Credit: Maximumedia Design & Wabash River Enhancement Corporation

The rain barrels will be “auctioned” off to interested individuals, with proceeds going to the Berks County Conservation District Scholarship fund, which supports students interested in majoring in environmental education in college.

Stay tuned for more info on future contests!

For  questions please contact Jolie Coates at the Berks County Conservation District at 610-372-4657 ext: 218 or email at


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