TREE BANDING                                                  4-19-16-Spotted-lanternfly-banding-jpg_2533018_ver1.0_1280_720                  Homeowner cans also choose to band their trees. Existing literature demonstrates that brown sticky tree bands are an effective, environmentally friendly way to catch spotted lanternfly nymphs. Through Federal Farm Bill funding, a limited number of bands have been made available for owners of confirmed infested properties.  People interested in banding their trees can attend training sessions in early spring.  At the conclusion of the training session, homeowners are given a kit that contains all of the material needed for banding their trees.

Volunteer Banding Survey (instructions for entering band data)

Number of Spotted Lanternfly killed by tree bands: 1,065,258. *as of end of 2017 season*


There are cases where there may not be Tree of Heaven on your property but you are finding Spotted Lanternfly. In Pennsylvania, application of insecticide is site specific, meaning you can use insecticides labeled for use on ornamentals.

Insecticide examples can be found here.


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