Conservation Planning

Agriculture is the number one industry in Berks County. Realizing this, the Conservation District has put great effort into helping farmers and landowners in resource protection for this generation and generations to come. The Berks County Conservation District works cooperatively with USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to accomplish this goal. The two services are committed to the conservation of soil and water resources in and around Berks County. This commitment is realized through assisting farmers with survey, design and layout of conservation practices. These practices may include contour strips, crop rotation, conservation tillage, diversions, grassed waterways, wind breaks, wildlife habitat, manure storage, stream bank fencing and buffer strips. The District also assists in the use of biosolids applications and nutrient management. The staff cooperates with the landowner to identify and install practices that will best meet their needs and the goals of resource conservation.

The Conservation District can also provide landowners with information on funding resources that are available to help with the installation of conservation practices and resources development. Financial assistance is available through many programs such as CREP and EQIP. The cost share rates and availability vary for each program.  Contact our staff to review assistance options.

Both the Conservation District and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service look forward to serving the agricultural community.  It is our commitment to provide quality assistance through planning, design and construction.  Contact the Conservation District if you have any questions or are interested in conservation practices or programs for your farm.
Click here for a summarized overview of different Agricultural Conservation Practices.

Click here for a photo guide of Agricultural BMPs (produced by the Snyder County Conservation District).


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