Helpful Links

PDF – Homeowners Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance
LINK – NRCS Web Soil Survey
PDF – Berks County Hydric Soils
PDF – Chapter 102 Regulations
PDF – PA DEP’s Chapter 102 FAQ
PDF – Erosion and Sediment Control for Water Well Drilling and Aquifer Testing
PDF – Underground Utility Line Construction E&S BMP Manual
PDF – Pollution Prevention Contingency Plan
PDF – PA DEP’s Riparian Buffer Guidance
PDF – Act 46 Guidance Material
PDF – Standards for Channel Cleaning at Bridges and Culverts
PDF – Offsite Discharges to Areas That Are Not Surface Waters
PDF – Asbestos Demo Poster
PDF – Asbestos Removal Guidance from PA DEP
### – Right to Know Form – Please contact the Conservation District Office Manager to obtain this form.

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