Talking about Stormwater

Stormwater is Impairing Berks County Streams…

Rainwater and melting snow runs over lawns, parking lots, and farm fields, through city streets and forests, picking up and carrying pollutants into our streams, rivers, and oceans.  Typically, we can see  this “stormwater” flow off our driveways or down our streets during a rain storm. Stormwater that flows over roads, parking lots, roofs, and driveways cannot absorb in the ground as it normally would.

Pollution that stormwater flows may carry include, litter, fertilizers, nutrients, pet waste, cinders and fine sediments, salt/deicing material, and vehicle fluids. When these types of pollutants reach nearby streams they can harm stream life, make water bodies unsafe for swimming/fishing, and alter the stream’s physical characteristics.

The BCCD has been working with our local municipalities in trying to solve our stormwater pollution issues.  Check out the two videos below to learn what is being done!

The steps being taken throughout Pennsylvania to keep stormwater in check and reduce the flow into natural waterways is the topic of  Pennsylvania Environmental Council December’s edition of “Environmental Focus,” the Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s monthly environmental affairs television program.

Find out how rain gardens benefit our environment on BCTV’s “Our City, Our World” hosted by the City of Reading Environmental Advisory Council’s David R. Beane, Pier Ignozzi-Shaeffer and Deb Hoag, along with Kate Keppen from the Berks County Conservation District.


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