See ‘Em, Squish ‘Em: Information about SLF in 2020

Watch Out for the Hatch Out!

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture confirmed the first Spotted Lanternfly hatch of the year in Philadelphia on April 21, 2020! Spotted Lanterflies are on the move, be prepared to control them.

Once hatched out, SLF nymphs are black with white spots about the size of a tick. In this early phase of their life, SLF will often be found feeding on new shoots of trees, vines, and other plants sprouting near tree lines. Chemical sprays that kill on contact are an effective means of control and, with careful aim, can target SLF without harming our native insects. Newly-developed circle traps and traditional sticky bands are also useful in catching the pests as they climb up and down trees to feed during the day.

When you see and squish egg masses and nymphs, please continue to report them online or by calling 1-888-4BAD-FLY.

What can I expect in 2020 if……

  • I never saw a Spotted Lanternfly on my property before:
  • I had Spotted Lanternfly a few years ago, but didn’t see any last year?
    • Don’t count on SLF going away and never returning–keep a look-out, and control them before their population builds up again. Consider trapping options to find them sooner. Report the presence of SLF on your property at least once each year. If you see them, control them.
  • I had a swarm of Spotted Lanternfly hit my property last fall?
    • The swarm may have found a place on or near your property to lay their eggs. Inspect your property for the presence of egg masses. Scrape as many as you can and be prepared to control the nymphs that hatch from egg masses out of sight or beyond your reach.

SLF Permit Classes

Spring in-person permit classes have been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis but will be available again when possible. In the meantime, the online training course remains accessible. Learn how to protect your business from this invasive pest and receive your permit by completing Spotted Lanternfly permit training.

A Spotted Lanternfly permit is required of agricultural and non-agricultural businesses, agencies, and organizations in Pennsylvania whose operations require the movement of products, vehicles or any forms of conveyance within or from the quarantine area. A Spotted Lanternfly permit demonstrates to your customers and other businesses your due diligence to avoid transporting the pest.

Learn about this invasive pest, how to protect your business and achieve compliance by visiting the Penn State Extension Website! The SLF Permit training and business permit are free through the online course available here.


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