Next round of REAP: August 6th, 2018

The next round of REAP is scheduled to begin August 6th, 2018. What’s new for 2018:

  1. Cover Crops – Farmers can now apply for up to 3 years of proposed cover crop plantings. In addition, applicants are eligible to receive credits on the same acreage more than once. Applicants are no longer required to provide detailed field-level maps of where the crops are planted.
  2. Riparian Forested Buffer Maintenance – Maintenance activities such as replanting, mowing, and herbicide treatments are now eligible for REAP credits. Applicants must fill out the REAP Riparian Buffer Maintenance Worksheet (p15 of the REAP application) and provide details regarding other public funding (if applicable).
  3. Legacy Sediment – The Commission is interested in getting involved in a legacy sediment project in 2018-19. We are looking for an opportunity to test how REAP could potentially help install water quality BMPs involved in a remediation project.
  4. Low-Disturbance Residue Management Equipment (Vertical Tillage) – Modified vertical tillage equipment is not eligible for REAP tax credits. The REAP guidelines pertaining to this equipment remain the same. However, equipment that has been modified to meet the guidelines will not be accepted.

Also, the REAP application has been changed slightly to remove a few pages and (hopefully) make the application process a little easier.

REAP is a Pennsylvania tax credit program for agricultural producers who install BMPs or make equipment purchases that reduce nutrient and sediment runoff, which improves Pennsylvania’s streams and watersheds. More information is available here and on the REAP webpage:



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