There is still time to apply for REAP

Funds for the FY 2016-17 are exhausted but any applications submitted now will be rolled over into the new funding pool.

More information is available here and on the REAP webpage:

Below are highlights and revisions to the 2016 Program.

  1. Precision Nutrient Application Equipment: Introduced to the Program in FY2015, precision ag components that are necessary to enable variable rate spreading of nutrients are eligible for REAP credits – at 50% of purchase price. For FY2016 the REAP dealer certification page for this equipment (p13) has been revised to provide clarity and make the process more efficient.
  2. Planning: As always, Conservation/Ag E&S Plans and Act 38 Nutrient Management/ Manure Management Plans are eligible for REAP credits at 75% of out-of-pocket costs. The Commission is highlighting this opportunity for farmers to offset the cost of planning to coincide with PA’s efforts to increase the number of farms in compliance with State law.
  3. Cover Crops: As always, REAP provides credits for 50% of the cost of establishing cover crops. Plantings of multi-species cover crops are eligible for higher reimbursement.
  4. The only other change for FY2016 is a slight revision of the dealer certification page for Low Disturbance Residue Management Equipment (p12). All other aspects of the program remain unchanged from FY2015.

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