Clean Water Farm Award goes to Berks County farm

BAD farm Clean Water AwardThe Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts (PACD) in conjunction with the award sponsor, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), presented the operators of the B.A.D. Farm with the Clean Water Farm Award during its annual conference on July 12, 2017 in Harrisburg, PA. The honor is awarded annually to farmers who manage their daily farm operations in an environmentally conscious manner that helps to protect Pennsylvania’s water quality.

David and Beth Rice and their son Jason operate B.A.D. Farm in Kempton, PA. Their operation includes 30 head of beef cattle, 100 dairy cows and 200 laying hens. B.A.D. Farm has 281.9 acres of cropland which is 100% no-till. The farm is located in the Upper Maiden Creek Watershed. Best management practices include a heavy use area, waste storage facility, stream crossing, animal walkways, and more. The Berks County Conservation District said, “Since the completion of their project, they have been more than willing to give tours and answer questions from other farmers in the area which led to water quality improvement projects being completed on at least ten different operations.”

The Clean Water Farm Award was initiated in 1986; award winners receive a certificate signed by the DEP Secretary and a large Clean Water Farm Award sign to erect on their property. Recipients of the award are nominated by their local county conservation districts. Financial support for this award is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through the Chesapeake Bay Regulator and Accountability Program and the Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Education Office (administered by the PACD).





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