BCCD Accepting Electronic Plan Submissions:

Due to the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic and the current work-from-home restrictions, the Berks County Conservation District will now be accepting electronic plan submissions.

Please call Berks County Conservation District’s main line 610.372.4657 for additional information about submitting a plan electronically for review.

Applicants and consultants: this guide provides additional information for those who have received permission to submit electronically.

Additionally, BCCD’s website was recently updated to include two instructional videos to assist Applicants and Consultants in registering for Chapter 105 e-Permitting. There is a video to assist applicants/owners in registering as an Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) and another video to assist employees who are not the EFA, consultants, or other users to register.

PaDEP has an FAQ and user guides (such as the Consultant/Operator Guide) on their Chapter 105 e-Permitting website available for public viewing/release.


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