Timber Harvests

timber harvest

Source: Clearfield County Conservation District

The cutting and removal of trees for sale requires Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices to be implemented in order to minimize accelerated erosion and sediment pollution that can result from earth disturbance activities. A timber harvest E&S plan is required for timber harvest project proposing less than 25 acres of earth disturbance. (See documents and forms below.)

Any timber harvesting project that disturbs 25 acres or more (including the haul road, skid trails, landing areas, etc.) is required to obtain an Erosion and Sediment Control Permit (ESCP).

Note: Clearing and grubbing activities are not considered timber harvest activities and may require an E&S plan or NPDES permit.


Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine:

On September 22, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, confirmed the presence the Spotted Lanternfly in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the first detection of this non-native species in the United States. Upon determination that the potential impact to Pennsylvania’s agricultural economy and natural resources was great, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture issued a quarantine with the intent to restrict the movement of the Spotted Lanternfly on November 1, 2014. Townships and Boroughs in eastern Pennsylvania are under a limited movement quarantine as the Department of Agriculture and its federal, state, local and non-governmental cooperators develop a strategy to eliminate this pest from the Commonwealth. To determine if the municipality in which a timber harvest is planned is under the quarantine, please check the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s spotted lanternfly webpage. Up to date maps of the quarantine are available from the side bar on the right entitled: “Lycorma Quarantine Map.” Timber harvest activities planned in a municipality with a timber harvest will need to consult with the PA Dept. of Agriculture prior to proceeding with the harvest.

All applications for timber harvesting activities submitted to the BCCD must contain these items: A completed Project Application Form, a Timber Harvest Plan or ESCP Application, and a check for the appropriate fee.
Documents and Forms
PDF Word – BCCD E&SC Project Application & Review Fee Schedule
LINK – Timber Harvest Plan Forms
LINK – Erosion and Sediment Control Permit Application

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