NPDES: Projects over 1 acre

NPDES Program

The District, in conjunction with PADEP, administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program for stormwater discharges associated with construction activities. Projects that generate earth disturbances 1 acre or greater are required to obtain a NPDES Permit. Sites discharging to a High Quality (HQ) or Exceptional Value (EV) watershed require an Individual NPDES Permit.

EFFECTIVE April 1, 2022 — For all new submissions, please utilize the updated review fee schedule (review fees can be found in the BCCD E&SC Project Application & Review Fee Schedule document).

ES 2022 Fee Schedule – Effective 4-1-22

Documents and Forms
All Project Applications must be sent in to the BCCD with the appropriate documents and the BCCD Project Application & Review Fee Schedule.
ES 2022 Fee Schedule – Effective 4-1-22 – BCCD E&SC Project Application & Review Fee Schedule, Notice of Intent Form, Checklist and Instructions
LINK – Transferee/Co-Permittee Application 
LINK – Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) Form
LINK– Visual Site Inspection Report 
LINK – Instrument for the Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants
PDF – Homeowners Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance
LINK – Co-Permittee Liability Release Form 
PDF – Permit Guidelines for Phased NPDES Projects
LINK – General Information Form (G.I.F.)
LINK – Cultural Resource Notice
PDF – Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual
LINK – Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
PDF – Reissuance of PAG-02 NPDES General Permit (12.07.19)
Link to Small Project E&S Documents and Forms

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