Documents & Forms

Berks County Conservation District Publications

ES 2023 Fee Schedule – Effective 20230101 Final– BCCD E&SC Plan Review Application & Review Fee Schedule (Updated Jan. 1st, 2023)
Word – BCCD Standard E&S Notes
Word – Single-lot BMPs for Homeowners (non-NPDES)
Word – Small Project Guidelines (New September 2014)
PDF – Common Standard Construction Details (New September 2014)

Other Publications

PDF | Word – DEP’s Chapter 105 Permit Fee Calculation Worksheet
PDF | Word – Timber Harvest PlanForms (Updated July, 2004)
PDF – New Chapter 102 Regulations
PDF – PA DEP’s Chapter. 102 FAQ (NEW)
PDF – Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual
LINK – Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
PDF – Erosion and Sediment Control for Water Well Drilling
PDF – Underground Utility Line Construction Manual
PDF – Pollution Prevention Contingency Plan
LINK – Penn State University Soil Map
LINK – NRCS Web Soil Survey
LINK – Berks County Hydric Soils
### – Right to Know Form–Please contact the Conservation District to get this form.
PDF – PA DEP’s Riparian Buffer Guidance
PDF – Act 46 Guidance Material
PDF –  Standards for Channel Cleaning at Bridges and Culverts
PDF –  Permit Guidelines for Phased NPDES Projects
PDF –  Offsite Discharges to Areas That Are Not Surface Waters
PDF – Asbestos Demo Poster
PDF– Asbestos Removal Guidance from PA DEP

NPDES Publications

PDF | Word – PAG02 Notice of Intent (N.O.I.) Form and Checklist (Updated January 2013)
PDF – PAG02 Notice of Intent (N.O.I.) Instructions (Updated January 2013)
PDF | Word – Checklist for Riparian Buffer Requirements
PDF – Riparian Buffer Tracking Form
PDFWord – Transferee/Co-Permittee Application (Updated May 2013)
PDF | Word – Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) Form for projects submitted before November 19, 2010 OR to remove a co-permittee from a project, regardless of submittal date
PDF | Word – Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) Form for projects submitted after November 19, 2010 (Updated June 2014)
PDF | Word – Instrument Filing Notice (to be used when recording PCSM plans) (January 2014)
PDF Word – General Information Form (G.I.F.)
PDFWord – Cultural Resource Notice
PDF – General Permit Standard Operating Procedure (New July 23, 2013)
PDF – Individual Permit Standard Operating Procedure (New July 23, 2013)
PDF | Word Visual Site Inspection Report


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