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Qualifying Projects 

Projects that qualify for proGrantsgram funding must consist of components that improve the road and the environment.  Low Volume Road (LVR) Program projects must contain benefits to both the road systems (i.e. – improved drainage, reduced surface, ditch & bank erosion, smoother surface, more durable surface, reduced maintenance costs, etc.) and the environmental systems (i.e. – water quality, stream quality, reduced storm water flows, improved air quality, increased infiltration).

The following are some components to a Dirt and Gravel road and Low Volume Road improvement project:

  • Road Rehabilitation w/ drainage concerns
  • Stream crossings and pipe culverts
  • High water by-pass
  • Sub-surface drainage and under drain projects
  • Bank / slope stabilization
  • Vegetation
  • Road resurfacing (sealing or paving) may be considered in association with a larger ESM principals. To be considered the following ESM principals must be addressed:
    • Drainage issues must be properly addressed.
    • Base instability issues must be properly addressed.
    • Other necessary and appropriate issues such as bank stability, road entrenchment, vegetation, etc. must be properly addressed.
Grant Application Process 


  • Applicants (i.e. – townships, boroughs, or a gov’t agency like the PA Game Commission) must have a representative attend Environmental Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) training and acquire the certification. The ESM certification is good for 5 years.
  • Projects must have an impact on improving water quality.
  • The road must be a public road (if applying for Low Volume Road Program, less than 500 vehicles per day are to be on the road)

“Pre-Application” Submission Site Visit

  • It is recommended that BCCD and Municipal representatives meet to discuss the project Scope of Work prior to submitting the application.

Application Cycle

  • The BCCD has an open application period and applicants may submit for a grant at any time during the calendar year.
  • Application forms are available at the BCCD office or by downloading the forms electronically below:

Project Ranking

  • The Conservation District’s Quality Assurance Board (QAB) has developed a written ranking criteria to determine project funding priorities.

Project Management and Grant Reporting


  • The applicant must notify the Conservation District in advance as to when the project will start.
Helpful Resources
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