Dead Bird Reporting

Dead Bird Monitoring

Due to the rise and spread of the Avian Flu in Southern Pennsylvania, please report dead birds by clicking the following link : Dead Bird Reporting Form 

Birds can be collected for WNV testing, from April 1st through October 30th. If you are interested in submitting a dead bird for testing, call your Mosquito-Borne Disease Control Program Coordinator to see if they are still accepting submissions and for instructions on how and where to submit.

  1. Only crows, jays, hawks, and owls are accepted for WNV testing.
  2. Birds must be dead less than 48 hours with no obvious signs of trauma.
  3. Place ice packs on top of bird and place a bucket over it, until it can be submitted. Do not freeze the specimen.
  4. Avoid bare-hand contact when handling dead birds. Use rubber gloves when handling a dead bird. If you do not have gloves, insert your hand into a plastic bag, grasp the bird carefully and invert the bag over the bird. Each bird should be placed in a tied plastic bag, and then placed inside a second tied bag.
  5. If you are not submitting the bird for testing, the bagged bird can be placed in the trash.

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