To email a BCCD staff person simply insert a period between the first and last names of the directory names below followed by ‘’.  For example: 

All BCCD staff can be contacted via phone by calling: 610-372-4657 followed by the respective staff member’s extension.

Dean Druckenmiller
District Executive, ext. 215
Tammy Bartsch
Office Manager, ext.
Kaylee Olivas
Urban Team Admin, ext. 213
Thomas Forsythe
District Engineer, ext. 205
Shawn Fassl
Urban Team Leader, ext. 217
Jason Rickards
Lead Urban Resource Conservationist, ext. 209
Elijah Goheen
Urban Resource Conservationist, ext. 219
Jack Anton
Urban Resource Conservationist, ext. 221
Joshua Hanna
Agricultural Resource Conservation Supervisor, ext. 202
Jeff Overstreet
Agricultural Resource Conservationist, ext. 206
Rita Seidel
Lead Agricultural Resource Conservationist, ext. 207
Brandy Savani
Agricultural Resource Conservationist, ext. 208
Briana Johanson
Agricultural Resource Conservationist, ext. 204
Jolie Coates
Mosquito-Borne Disease Control/
Environmental Outreach
ext. 218 
Mason Crouthamel
Mosquito-Borne Larval Technician/
Urban Resource Technician 
ext. 216
Jennifer Brooks
Environmental Outreach Coordinator, ext. 212 
Kent Himelright
Watershed Coordinator, ext. 211


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