The Conservation District was formed at the request of a group of conservation-minded farmers on August 13, 1946. Clarence Althouse, Curtis R. Bashore, Clarence S. Dietrich, John Grubb and James E. Lesher served as the first Board of Directors. Over sixty years later, the Board now consists of six members and one County Commissioner. Each potential Board Director is suggested by one of our 13 Nominating Organizations and then appointed by the County Commissioner to serve four-year terms. The County Commissioners Director serves a one-year term and is appointed by the fellow commissioners. In addition to the Primary Directors, Associate Directors assist in the decision making process and also serve on various District Committees. The Board Chairman appoints the Associate Directors annually. District Directors and Associate Directors serve the Board as volunteers and as a community service to the County of Berks. The Board meets regularly at 1:00 PM on the last Wednesday of the month in the Conference Room of the Berks County Agricultural Center.


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